Responsible Gaming


Mostbet is a responsible operator in India that understands the risks associated with gambling. The administration of the Mostbet casino recommends that guests remember their responsibility. Gambling should be an exceptionally comfortable form of recreation. 


Gambling should be viewed solely as an exciting form of leisure. One of the conditions of popular entertainment is betting for money. And the possibility of winning is a pleasant bonus. It is important to always remember that gambling does NOT provide an opportunity to solve financial, social or emotional problems. Entertainment in a casino is only about relaxation and unforgettable emotions.

Gambling should not be the main occupation and hobby. You should not devote most of your time to casino entertainment. Only funds allocated for leisure should be placed in casino slot machines. The remaining part of the budget should be untouchable.


Gambling is a special kind of leisure activity that provides a pleasant pastime. However, such strong emotions often get out of control and force casino guests to take rash actions. For problem gamblers, performance often does not matter. As a result, gambling takes center stage in their lives and problems appear in other areas. Most often, the financial situation worsens, difficulties with loved ones and troubles at work arise. To identify the problem, you should answer the questions honestly:

  • Do you often gamble longer than planned?
  • Have you ever tried to solve problems by gambling?
  • Have you ever borrowed money to gamble?

An obligatory rule of responsible gambling is control. You cannot let the game control you.


If you experience at least some of the above symptoms, you should seek help immediately. You should not be silent and hide this problem. There is no shame in confessing, because millions of people around the world have also found themselves in this difficult situation. There are many ways to do this together – with family or a doctor, but help in such a situation is mandatory.

It is equally important to use the services of a psychologist who specializes in gambling addiction. There are many treatments that can help to distract from gambling.

Online casinos also take a responsible attitude to this problem and introduce “responsible gambling” rules. They can be used immediately if the customer feels that the gambling has started to take over. The following measures are usually applied:

  • Temporary blocking or self-exclusion.
  • Limits on replenishment and betting in online slot machines.
  • Limits on losses.
  • Promotional mailings on how to play safely in a casino.
  • Setting time limits for the duration of the game.
  • Notifications with full session statistics.

Such methods are individual for each casino in India. The limits that visitors choose may differ from club to club.

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