Privacy Policy

1. Terms of confidentiality

1.1. When processing data from each User, the administration does not verify it. All personal data is accepted as true and accurate. At the same time, the administration automatically assumes that the User has read these Rules and fully agrees with them.

1.2. The resource does not assume responsibility for inaccurately provided personal data. In some cases, the site administration may refuse to cooperate with the User if it has doubts about the veracity of his personal data.

1.3. These Rules are valid only on the website. At the moment of the User’s transition to the resources of third parties, their rules and regulations come into effect.

2. Main categories of personal data

2.1. The portal administration may request such personal data for processing:

  • Name;
  • Profile photo;
  • Email address (e-mail).

3. Data collection

3.1. The website collects personal data to create an account (profile), namely: the User’s name, profile photo, e-mail address.

3.2. Data processing is carried out in accordance with the applicable law.

3.3. Data is collected by transferring it from social media applications (Facebook App, Google App, Twitter App) using the Oauth 2.0 protocol.

3.4. The Privacy Policy applies to all collected data without exception, regardless of the purpose for which the User visits the site.

3.5. The User has the right at any time to request deletion of his/her account together with personal data by sending a request to the e-mail address [email protected] (only using the e-mail specified during registration).

4. Transmission of personal data

4.1. The administration of the resource does not transfer the User’s personal data to third parties.

4.2. Data processing is carried out only after the User has given his/her consent.

5. Operations with personal data

5.1. If it is necessary to delete personal data from the system, the User is obliged to personally contact the resource administration with a corresponding request to the e-mail address [email protected]. The reason for the need to delete the data does not need to be specified. Upon receipt of the request, the administration undertakes to delete all the data of a particular person available in the system without the possibility of their recovery.

5.2. All data operations may be carried out only with the written permission or at the request of the User.

6. Identity theft

6.1. Personal data on the website can be processed exclusively by the resource administration. Third parties do not have access to such information. Special technical means and regulatory measures are used for protection.

6.2. Both the administration of the resource and the User are responsible for the confidentiality of personal data.

7. Limitations

7.1 These provisions do not apply to third-party resources that can be accessed from the website.

7.2. Operations with personal data carried out on the resources of third parties are not the responsibility of the administration of

8. Resolving disputes

8.1. All of the above Rules comply with the applicable law and cannot be appealed.

8.2. In case of disputes, the administration is ready to resolve them without resorting to law enforcement agencies or the court.

8.3. To resolve conflict situations, the User should contact the administration using the contact e-mail address. The application will be considered within 10 working days. Further communication on the issues of treatment is carried out by e-mail.

8.4. All requests must be substantiated. Otherwise, the application will not be considered.

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